Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bringing Down The House

Outside showed no mercy, as tornadoes raged on the Toronto burbs but legendary jazz artist Bill King knew his show must go on.

“Not again,” he said recalling last month when the artistic director of the popular Beaches International Jazz Festival was forced to shut down the annual summer festival on the last Saturday hours earlier due to flash flooding. That was a first.

Now faced with Mother Nature obstacles once again, the producer of The Real Divas took the stage at Lula Lounge in Toronto with his Real Divas in tow.

The female foursome (Kinga Victoria, Josephine Biundo, Sophie Berkal-Sarbit and Lauren Margison) fearless to the crackling thunder hitting the streets, diva-d it up for their debut CD launch of Café Society.

Showing no mercy, the singers paid tribute to some of their favorite artists and to familiar tunes ranging from the British Invasion sixties group “The Animals” to Broadway medleys that Bill personally re-arranged adapting the pieces to suit each singer’s strength.

With hip hop, reggae and house music dominating the youth music scene, it’s a blissful tonic knowing there’s a young generation ready to celebrate and embrace the classics, fusing the songs with a contemporary edge.

Sure home grown performers Michael Bublé and Diana Krall sing the classics but how many times have you seen The Real Divas in action? Check them out next time they play in your neck of the woods.

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