Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Annigoni: Portrait of an Artist

This award-winning, critically acclaimed motion picture is based on the life and times of the last century's most famous portrait painter, Italian master Pietro Annigoni.

This is the first film to tell the story of Annigoni. From his artistic birth in Florence, to the height of his fame and fortune Annigoni pursued his own path, standing alone against the forces of modernism in art. Annigoni was a bohemian, a drinker, a fighter and a womanizer, yet the world's most powerful and celebrated people sought him out for portraits. Pietro Annigoni was once called the painter of beautiful women but chose instead to be the painter of beggars.

100 Best Movies You've Never Seen by Richard Crouse
"Exquisite... a superb and memorable film"
John Haslett Cuff - The Globe and Mail

"Intellectually intoxicating... a fascinating document"
Independent Eye

"A stirring and compelling work"
Geoff Pevere - Film International

"Poetically photographed, accompanied by a stirring musical score"

"...has a single minded passion worthy of the artist."
Peter Goddard - Toronto Star

"...amazing...hours of televisual excellence."
Patrick Watson - CBC Writer/Broadcaster

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